The true cigar afficiado knows the importance of humidors. Part of the experience of a cigar is keeping the cigar collection in perfect condition. As well, a humidor is very much a symbol of personal taste. This article may help you to know about the most popular best humidors in 2021. The best cigar humidors sometimes are not only about functionality…. style and design sensitivity is important as well!. This guide will also make it easier for one who is looking for gift for that special occasion , weather it be Fathers Day, Christmas, or a birthday…..

The ideal surrounding to store cigars should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Humidity level maintain between 65% to 74%
  • Maximum temperature: 73o Fahrenheit or 23o Celsius.
  • The ideal condition is 70o Fahrenheit and 70% humidity.

Humidors simply put are enclosed containers used to store cigars for a long time. They keep the cigars at the ideal humidity level and temperature, so they do not become too soggy or dry and also enhances the original flavor and aroma of hand-rolled tobacco. Humidors are a good investment for cigar smokers because humidors store your cigars in the best condition. It is a good idea to make sure about your needs and requirements before purchasing a humidor, whether it be a cabinet, piece of furniture, or a desktop humidor.

In this article, we will discuss the 14 best cigar humidors of 2021. We will inform you individually about every humidor, the features, storage, and benefits.

The list of 14 best top cigar humidors are as following given below:


Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber Humidors with Yellow Lacquered Wood 25 Cigar

Vintage Retro, slick design, and everyone just loves this humidor. It is one of the most delicate and top quality cigar boxes. The exterior of the box is covered with yellow lacquered carbon fiber. The contrast of yellow and check pattern looks stunning. An analog external hygrometer has included monitoring the changes in humidity level and temperature inside the cigar box. The humidifier has also included inside the lid. This humidifier helps to distribute the fresh air through all parts of the cigar box. They can be used as travel humidor.


  • Gorgeous Carbon Fiber Exterio
  • Silver ring glass hygrometer
  • Black humidifier
  • Spanish wood divider
  • Storage for 25 cigarsThe Carbon Fiber briefcase-style humidor from Bey Berk is a large desktop humidor that’s perfect for storing and protecting cigars. It features a handcrafted yellow lacquered wood exterior with a polished chrome finish plus a matte black carbon fiber interior for a funky look and durable storage. This humidor also features glass top viewing panel, brass lockable latch, adjustable brass interior shelving and an external hygrometer. The charcoal humidification is built into the unit and does not require any additional equipment.

View this Humidor at Crown Humidors


Visol Gorman Macassar Ebony Cabinet Humidors – Holds up to 150 Cigars

A firm favourite with its luxurious wood texture. Visol Gorman is a small size humidor cabinet. Each storage drawer holds an independent humidifier to maintain ideal humidity. A hygrometer includes managing the level of moisture in the humidor. The Macassar ebony finish looks stylish and appealing. View this humidor here >


  • Individual humidifiers
  • Glass Hygrometer
  • Spanish Cedar Interior
  • Storage for 150 cigars

The Clevelander Electric Temperature Controlled Cabinet Humidors – 250 cigars

A classic Electric Humidor or Wineador. The Clevelander electric is a stainless steel cabinet. The appearance of the cabinet resembles a coffer. This cabinet includes a digital hygrometer, a cooling system, and a water reservoir. The hygrometer of the cabinet works on battery. The internal temperature can adjust by clicking the control buttons on the top. View the Clevelander here >. Or for more information about this humidor read the full review here >


  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Spanish wood interior
  • Thermoelectric cooling system
  • Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature
  • Storage for 250 cigars

Cigar Cabinet Adorini Aficionado Deluxe – 400 Cigar ct

Adorini is a class of it’s own. The Adorini Aficionado is a stylish desktop cigar humidor. It has a fine lacquer ebony finish with a gloss layer. The humidor includes two opening glass panels. The upper portion has a tray with dividers to display place individual cigars. The front panel has three removable trays, for placing single cigars or cigar boxes. It includes a calibrated hygrometer with silver acryl humidifiers. A thermometer made up of fine quality brass is also included in this humidor. View this Humidor at Crown Humidors >.

Features of this Humidor

  • Glossy lacquer ebony finish
  • Spanish cedar interior
  • Gold plated lock and hinges.
  • Integrated brass thermometer.

Quality Importers Medici Large Desktop Humidors – 400-500 Cigar ct

Simple storage done well!. The Quality Importers Medici is a breathtakingly gorgeous and stylish large desktop humidor. The Medici humidor has stuffed with all essential attributes that make it one of the best large desktop humidor. The sleek and appealing style of the Medici humidor attracts the viewers with an eye-catching view. The humidor has manufactured with a premium quality exterior, interior, and pieces of equipment. View this Humidor here >.


  • Rich Walnut Finish Exterior
  • Engraved brass side handles
  • Spanish cedar trays with dividers
  • Large rectangle humidifiers
  • Analog Glass hygrometer
  • Storage for 500 cigars

JFK Humidors by Quality Importers – 70 Cigar ct

Stylish, traditional safe bet humidor, a great gift idea!. The JFK humidor is a great addition to any man cave or office. It will hold up to 70 of your favorite cigars, the external analog hygrometer helps keep your humidity levels regulated and an elegant desktop humidor box with a fine woodgrain finish will complement any room’s décor. The storage box of humidor includes two removable dividers. A lockset along with key attaches to secure the collection from thieves or strangers. View the JFK Humidor here >

Features of this Cigar Humidor:

  • Woodgrain finish
  • External hygrometer
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Spanish cedar interior
  • Hidden quadrant hinges
  • Storage for 70 cigars

Quality Importers Humidors Amalfi – 75 Cigar Count

Furniture heartland. The Quality Importers Amalfi humidor is a maple finish fine humidor with the antique walnut finish on the top. The humidor is decorated with a brass logo on the front side of it.  The hinges are kept hidden to avoid any unauthorized access. View this Humidor here >

Features of this Cigar Humidor:

  • Maple veneer with ash burl
  • Spanish cedar tray with dividers
  • Brass logo for decoration
  • Storage of 75 cigars

The 50 with Tray Ammo Can Humidors – 50 Cigar ct

Rugged charm. The 50 Ammodor ammo Can cigar humidors are best-selling ammo box humidors. They are patent as affiliate commission cigar humidors. Ammodor cigar humidors are handmade in the USA using small business craftsmanship and ingenuity. They are rugged, portable, and waterproof and 100% air tight. Available in a variety of sizes with configuration options such as removable top trays, hardware accessories, custom graphics and more. The interior sides and bottom are lined with precision milled 1/4″ thick solid Spanish cedar. The bottom exterior is lined with olive drab green felt to prevent scratching any delicate table top surfaces. View this Humidor here >


Visol Polished Walnut Cigar Gift Set Including Ashtray & Guillotine Cutter

The perfect style gift!. The Visol is a simple and classy best cigar case. It has a glossy polished walnut finished Wood exterior and airtight rich cedar wood lined interior. It is perfect for long term storage and sits on any desk easily with the grips affixed to the bottom. It has included an ashtray and cigar cutter. It conveniently fits up to 25 cigars depending on their ring gauge. View this Gift Set Here >

Features of this cigar Humidor:

  • Walnut finish exterior
  • Additional Ashtray and cigar cutter
  • Storage of 25 cigars

Visol Red-Brown Leather Madrid Cigar Humidors with Embedded Digital Hygrometer

Subtle style. Visol Red-Brown Leather travel Humidor with interior cedar lined. It is a stylish and sleek best cigar case. The silver satin Digital Hygrometer embedded in the travel humidor with top mount so that you can see humidity inside without opening the humidor. It comes with a humidifier and a plastic dropper to refill the humidifier. View Here >

Features of this Cigar Humidor:

  • Leather cigar case
  • Digital hygrometer
  • Humidifier with
  • plastic dropper top refill

Americana Rustic Solid Mahogany Cigar Humidors; 75 Count by American Chest

Quality martarials, subtle and stunning. Americana Rustic is a large solid Mahogany Humidor. It has MADE in USA by New England Craftsmen. The humidor featuring locking corners, solid mahogany linings and complete with analog hygrometer and BOVEDA humidifier with Wood Lid Rack. This humidor would be the best gift for any occasion because of it’s simplistic style. It has the best performance. View the American Chest Humidors Here >

Features of this Cigar Humidor:

  • Eye captivating Mahogany Exterior
  • Spanish cedar interior
  • Wood lid rack
  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier

Maple Wood Top 75 Count Cigar Humidors; Amish Crafted, Made in the USA

Americana personified. The Ashcroft Bass is a simple and elegant exterior cigar box. It is a small size desktop humidor. It does not have any handles or decorative accessories on the exterior to balance the classy look. The feature of the box includes an analog hygrometer, a humidifier, and gold plated hidden piano locking hinges. The container has divided into two portions. The partition allows the user to organize the cigars according to brands or flavors. View Here >

Features of this Cigar Humidor:

  • Maple Wood exterior
  • Spanish cedar interior
  • Portable humidifier
  • Storage space for 75 cigars

Lacquered “Walnut” Wood 60 Cigar Humidors with Spanish Cedar Lining and Accessory Drawer

The exterior of this humidor is eye captivating. It gives a lavishing and luxurious look. The overall theme of designing of this humidor is square in the shape. The external box, the hygrometer, the humidifier, and the hinges make it in the same style. The external drawer placed on the bottom of the humidor. It can be used as travel humidor. View it here.

Features of this Cigar Humidor:

  • Lacquered walnut finish
  • Silver external hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Spanish cedar lined interior
  • Exterior accessory drawer
  • Matte silver finish hardware
  • Storage for 60 cigars

“Carbon Fiber” Matt Finish Wood Humidors with Hygrometer – 60 Cigar ct

Slick and ultra cool!. This cigar box looks drop-dead gorgeous. It has a unique and modern design. The exterior of the box has covered with carbon fiber. The carbon fiber has a matte finish in black color. The door has made from transparent glass. Inside the box, there are three wood drawers to organize cig. Each drawer contains an independent rolled opening to store 15 cigars. View this Humidor here >

Features of this Cigar Humidor:

  • Carbon Fiber Exterior
  • Tempered glass door
  • Hidden piano hinges
  • Independent rolling wood drawers
  • Black glass hygrometer
  • Black humidifier
  • Storage for 60 cigars

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