Cigar Humidor – Top 10 Best Small Humidors 2020

A humidor is the primary need of every cigar smoker. This is a container made of wood that can keep cigars in a controlled humidity environment for long periods.

What is a Cigar Humidor?

The ideal surrounding to store cigars should fulfill the following requirements:-

  • Humidity level maintain between 65% to 74%.
  • Maximum temperature: 73o Fahrenheit or 23o Celsius.
  • The ideal condition is 70o Fahrenheit and 70% humidity.

Cigar Humidors are available in different sizes and designs but the basic functionality remains the same. The humidor keeps the original aroma and flavor of cigars alive. If you keep cigars without a humidor then after some time the cigars start burning or it becomes difficult to light. Humidor Cabinets on the other hand tend to be larger

These humidors include many functionalities depending upon the size and price but the basic common features available in the most cigar are Hygrometer and humidifiers. The hygrometer is a device that helps you to monitor the changes in the humidity level and humidifier is a device that purifies the air and controls the air circulation in the humidor. We have a post dedicated to Humidor Seasoning.

If you are going to buy the humidor for the very first time, we would recommend you buy the desktop humidors because it will help you to understand the functionality and uses of the humidor and after that, you can fearlessly invest more to buy the bigger ones.

Here are the top ten small cigar humidors which represent the finest in manufacturing, design, and class.


Ashton Savoy Executive Cigar Humidor – 50 Cigar Capacity

The exterior of this humidor is very simple but elegant. The storage box of humidor contains an extra tray so you can keep more cigars and cigar accessories if needed.

It has a lock installed so you can secure your collection. It has a hygrometer and humidifier. The size and weight of the humidor are comfortable and portable. It can be kept anywhere in small spaces.

cigar humidor

Lacquered “Ebony” Wood 100 gar Humidor with Spanish Cedar Lining and Tray

Lacquered Ebony is a unique classic and graceful humidor with a glossy lacquered finish. This humidor will look amazing in all the formal surroundings like the office desk of the drawing-room table.

It can store a good amount of cigar in a small box. The interior wood is link with the Spanish cedar to give humidor a long and durable life. The silver exterior accessories look eye captivating on the ebony finish.

daniel marshall cigar humidor

Daniel Marshall Ambiante Humidor – 150 Cigar

Daniel Marshall is a very simple and plain exterior humidor. The finish of humidor is so fine like a clean transparent mirror. The interior is also as wonderful and simple as the exterior of the humidor.

The digital display monitor hygrometer is more easy and convenient to use as compared to the analog hygrometers. A humidifier is also fix inside of the humidor. It can store up to 150 cigars at a time.

gurkha humdor

Gurkha Lugano Series – Founder’s 120 cigar Desktop Cigar Humidor

Gurkha founders are a very slim desktop humidor with texture glossy finish. The borders and edges have s thin line of lighter tone finish. A small round lock looks nice on the front view.

No extra decorations or accessories are add with the exterior to keep the appearance of humidor simple and graceful. All basic features are add inside the humidor.

Humidor Supreme Capri – 25 Black Marble Humidor

Humidor Supreme is a very simple and plain desktop humidor with marble texture on the black base. These locking hinges are also kept hidden.

The storage capacity of the humidor is 25 cigars at once which is quite enough for any beginner user.

dakota humidor

The Dakota Black Cigar Humidor with Scissors by Prestige Import Group

The Dakota Humidor has a very high gloss black exterior. The corners of the humidor have stainless steel high-quality ironwares that give decorative look and protect the edges if hits or fall. The side panels have engraved silver handles that help you to move the humidor. The black base silver ring analog hygrometer is install on the front side of the humidor. The external hygrometers are preferably more beneficial in shops and bars.

usa flag humidor

Old Glory USA Flag Printed Desktop Cigar Humidor by Quality Importers

This Quality Importers humidor has the painting of the USA flag on the exterior but to give the old glory view the painting is finish with a fade finish. Inside the lid of the humidor, gold plate ring hygrometer for monitoring humidity level and a rectangle humidifier for air circulation are installed. A removable tray with divider gives you more storage space. A lockset along key is available to secure the collection stored in the humidor.

This Porsche Design humidor

Porsche Design Carbon Fiber and Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor (Holds 50 Cigars)

This Porsche Design humidor has a black glossy carbon fiber exterior. A round hygrometer on the front of humidor helps to keep an easy eye on the humidity level changes. The round ring of hygrometer is silver and the base is black which is so nice and coordinated with the simple elegant finish of humidor. The interior of the humidor is line with Spanish cedar that helps to keep cigars moist for a long time.


havana foot locker humidor

The Havana footlocker is a large size desktop deep box humidor. It includes rectangular humidifiers for air circulation and a small gold dial round hygrometer to monitor humidity levels. The container of the humidor is divided into three sections and two removable trays are added for the organization with Spanish cedar lined.

Carbon Fiber & Yellow Lacquered Wood 25 Cigar Humidor

Carbon Fiber & Yellow Lacquered Wood 25 Cigar Humidor

Carbon fiber is a briefcase-style desktop humidor in a very attractive and charming yellow finish. A silver external lock and external white glass hygrometer enhance the outer look of the humidor.  Inside the lid, a rectangular humidifier helps to air circulate through the humidor. A removable tray with dividers allows you to arrange the collection. This Bey Berk Humidor is featured in our post 10 Top Small Humidors

Humidor Supreme-Gangway-50 Cigar Ebony finish with Brass Porthole

Humidor Supreme “Gangway” 50 Cigar Ebony finish with Brass Porthole Cigar Humidor

The most unique feature of Supreme Gangway humidor is its porthole on the top lid. The porthole is cover with a transparent glass to give a clear view. The glass is fit in the round brass ring. The worth of Supreme Gangway humidor increases because it has very fine hand made small decorative brass accents attached to the corners and front panel.

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