The Simple Cigar Humidor Guide

Cigar humidor

Cigar humidors are the perfect solution. Cigars have dried tobacco leaves rolled in them. It is important to store cigars properly to keep the dried tobacco fresh and moisture-free. When cigars come in direct contact with air for a long time, they can become soggy or dry. A humidor is an enclosed wooden or acrylic box. Cigar humidors have an ideal temperature and humidity level to store cigars. They can come in different sizes and different storage capacities depending on the requirement of the user. We even feature humidors with marine themes! The price of a humidor depends on the size and functionalities included in it.

The main features of humidors are:

·        Hygrometer

·        Humidifiers

·        Spanish cedar interior

·        Dividers

·        Lock and key

The hygrometer is a device that is used to maintain the humidity at a balanced rate for cigars or tobacco to prevent them from external temperature changes and moisture. The hygrometers has two types; digital and analog.

A humidifier is a device which controls the moisture and humidity inside the humidor. It circulates the fresh air through the humidor. The ideal humidity level is between 65% to 70%. The humidifier maintains ideal humidity so the cigars do not become dry or soggy.

Spanish cedar is a wood type. It is usesdto make the interior of the humidors. Spanish cedar interior absorbs the extra moisture and humidity. It maintains the humidity level to keep the original flavor and aroma of cigars alive.

The dividers are included for proper organization. They are cedar trays. These cedar trays also provide extra storage space for single cigars and accessories. These trays can be removed if you don’t need the extra space for storage.

The lock and key provide the security of the collection stored inside the humidor.

All humidors come with the features mentioned above.

san tropez

Cigar Humidors are available in following types:


Cabinet cigar Humidor:

A cabinet humidor is a large cupboard-look humidor. It is also known as an In Wall Humidor. It comes with dual-panels or a single panel depending on the size of the humidor. Cabinet humidors are commonly used on the commercial level where huge amounts of products need to be stored for a long duration. It can store thousands of products. Cabinet humidors come with a digital hygrometer and a humidifier. Due to the huge size and advanced features, the price of a cabinet humidor is high. Checkout our cabinet humidor range here or request a quote for a custom cabinet humidor. We also have a Remington Lite Humidor review.

venitian humidor

Desktop Cigar Humidor:

Desktop humidors are small wooden boxes to keep on counters of shops or desks of offices. They include a glass hygrometer to monitor the humidity level and a humidifier to circulate air through the box. The desktop humidor is available at a low price. But it will cost high if you want a limited-edition humidor such as a Daniel Marshall or Savoy Humidor. In terms of specific product recommendations, The Old Glory is very popular or the San Tropez Humidor and Cuban Wheel Humidor are always in high demand.

coffee table humidor

Furniture cigar humidor:

Furniture humidors are central wooden tables and side tables to keep in coffee bars, homes, or offices. The exterior of these humidors looks like an item of furniture. They have a unique and attractive design. The wooden table humidor typically is used in a tobacco or coffee bar. The side table humidor is used in the drawings or office cabins. The price of furniture humidors depends on the size and features. In terms of specific product recommendations, The Glasstop Coffee Table Humidor is very popular, as well as The Verona Humidor and the Aging Vault Humidor.


Travel cigar Humidor:

Travel humidors are small size humidors. The size and weight of a travel humidor keep cigar carrying convenient and portable. A travel humidor can store only a few cigars. The travel humidors have a low price.


Custom cigar Humidor:

Custom humidors can be made on orders. They are personalized humidors. It includes handwork, unique pictures or paintings. The prices of custom humidors are high compared to ordinary humidors, but you are also getting a personalized service and custom fittings. Click here to view our custom humidor page.

electric humidor

Electric or Electronic Humidor:

In electric humidors, sensors are used to maintain the humidity level and moisture. The user needs to adjust the temperature and humidity level only once. After the system starts working, it monitors the humidity by itself and maintains the ideal humidity level by absorbing or releasing the air depending on the requirement. It turns on the fan when the humidity level drops from the set point. The prices of electric humidors are high due to advanced technology.

The cigar humidor users can also buy stuff like air purifiers, air conditioners, and humidification packets. These accessories are not included in the packaging of the humidor. The most trustworthy companies to buy a fully equipped cigar humidor and their accessories are the following:

·        Prestige Import Group Cigar Humidors

·        Quality Importers Cigar Humidors

·        Humidor Supreme Cigar Humidors

·        Don Salvatore Cigar Humidors

·        Adorini Cigar Humidors

FAQ that will help you to buy the best cigar humidor.

Are electric cigar humidor products for anyone?

Yes, anyone can use electric cigar humidors because they are more reliable and efficient. However, they are expensive compared to simple humidors.

What happens when the cigars have direct contact with the air for more than 4 to 5 days?

The cigars absorb and release moisture. If you keep cigars without a humidor, they will dry out. The cigar humidor is the best way to keep cigars for storage.

Do I take cigars out of their plastic to put in the Cigar humidor?

No, it is not compulsory to unpack the cigar. It is a good approach, though, to keep cigars out of packet because the moisture can properly pass through the cigars. The cigar humidor can then work efficiently.

Do Cigar humidors come ready to operate?

The wooden humidors do not come ready to operate. You need to assemble all the components. The manual comes with the humidor. You can read the instructions to assemble the humidor. It is a time taking process. All steps should be followed properly, with patience, because you are going to use a humidor for a long time.

How long can a humidor last?

A humidor can last for years. It depends on the use and care.

Do I need to buy a new humidor if any of features stop working?

No, you don’t need to change the whole unit. You can find the components of cigar humidors on different sites and get them from there.

How long can a cigar last in the humidor?

A cigar can last for 3 months in a humidor.

Can anyone under the age of 21 buy cigars?

No. According to law, only a person of the age of 21 can buy cigars.

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