A lighter is one of the most fundamental cigar accessories for the cigar smoker. Moreover, a humidor full of cigars feels incomplete without a lighter. Single torch flame lighter are the most common cigar lighter. The single jet lighters are small in size and convenient to use. These single flame cigar lighters are handy and portable. The flame torch lighters are powerful enough to burn a cigar with single ignition action. These cigar lighters use butane fuel that can heat up to 2500o F. The fuel tank of all the lighters is refillable. It allows you to enjoy your purchase for a long time There are a lot of brands offering single torch flame lighters. A huge collection of multiple brands allow the customers to choose the product that matches their personality.

Most of the single jet torch lighter come with beautiful and attractive color packaging. The price of the items varies from brand to brand depending on the quality and details of the accessories. The vibrant color and details of the single torch flame lighter would make a person of any age group fall in love with it.

Top Selling single flame cigar lighters

The top-selling single flame lighters by renowned brands for cigar humidor and cigar smokers are the following:

  1. Xikar Pipeline
  2. Xikar High-Performance Butane
  3. Xikar Forte (Hybrid) Flame
  4. Xikar Flash Single Jet Flame Lighter
  5. Xikar Executive Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter
  6. Xikar Allume Single Torch Lighter

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