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The Prestige Import Group

The Remington Cabinet Humidor is manufactured by the Prestige Import Group who are a well-known company, famous due to its unique high-quality products. Moreover, the company works with full devotion to providing the best Humidors to their worthy customers.

It has a great name in the market of humidors that are unbeatable due to their excellent quality and modern advanced features , it makes a great choice in choosing a Humidor. This model is featured in our Best Cabinet Humidors of 2020 article and would be classified as an Electric Humidor.

The Remington Cabinet Humidor

The Remington Cabinet Humidor is one of its premium Humidors and represents both quality and great innovation. Furthermore, this humidor is a climate-control humidor.

Although, the humidor is manufactured with advanced features like temperature control, heating and cooling system. It is a large size cabinet humidor that can store thousands of cigars. It is an electric control humidor which means the user doesn’t need to change the temperature.

The temperature setting can be done with a few clicks only once and then the automatic system will update the temperature according to the external climate by itself.

The humidor helps you to store your collection for long term durations no matter what is the external temperature heating or cooling and the humidity level.

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Remington Humidors Review By CrownHumidors

Physical Appearance of The Remington Cabinet Humidor

The humidor body is made from the high-quality industrial wood and then line with the Spanish cedar. The Spanish cedar is used due to its resistance to decay and weather conditions.

As the appearance of humidor looks like a cupboard so the finish of the humidor is complete with the fine smooth cherry surface that looks absolutely amazing.

Also the Remington Humidor perfectly coordinates with all other furniture items placed in the room.

The control and display panel of the humidor is included at the top of it with blue neon light. The neon light allows you to monitor the readings easily even when it is dark.

Digital Display Cabinet Humidor

The digital display is also an additional feature that increases the worth of this humidor. The readings are far easy to read in the digital system as compare to the analog system.

The humidor has eliminating LED lights from every shelf. The light display gives a charming great look in the dark and also helps to view the products in detail without holding the stress of touch light in the hands.

The door of the humidor is made from high-quality glass to give a transparent display. The glass is temper to avoid breakages in case of any hits.

The unique specialty of this glass is its de-mist feature that doesn’t allow to fogging up the glass.The door of the humidor is embed with heavy-duty seals to avoid any leaks to keep the moisture lock in the humidor.

The power voltage require to run the humidor is standard which is set between 220-240 volts, which means the humidor can easily be use with the regular electricity meter.

You don’t need to add any extra convertor or adopters with it.

Just plug in the electric socket of the humidor in any regular switchboard and your humidor is ready to serve you.

The advance features of the humidor include its built in electronic temperature.

Humidity control system, digital climate control system, humidity control system, dehumidification, and adjustable hygrometer calibrations.

Digital Hygrometer

The digital glass hygrometer is installed in the humidor to adjust the humidity and temperature settings.

The hygrometer has an advance feature of calibration that you can toggle between the Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature according to your requirements.

This is a unique feature that is normally very rare in humidors as most of them come with only one temperature measurement setting.

Auto Humidity Control

As Remington humidor is a large size cabinet humidor which means the products place in it are store for long time duration and it is difficult to monitor the humidity on regular basis.

The humidity level in the humidor decrease from the balance limit it can dry out the cigar and if the humidity level increase from the require range it can make cigars soggy and wet.

Both situations can destroy the cigars in the humidor so this humidor allows the user to feel free with its automatic humidity control system.

The temperature setting can be done with a few clicks only once and then the automatic system will update. The temperature according to the humidity and temperature changes of the external climate by itself.

You can adjust the humidity even with your own choice by activating the manually control humidity system. The range of humidity adjustment is between 56% to 78%.

Built-In Temperature Settings

The temperature adjustment is kept smooth and easy in this humidor.

The touch on panel assists the user to set the temperature with only a few clicks on the touchpad and rest will be handle by the electronic automatic system.

The excellent temperature to store cigars for a long duration is from 65 degrees to 68 degrees.

This humidor allows you to adjust the temperature range from 41F-71F in only one touch.  Only once you have to set the temperature and then the change in the environment. External temperature will not affect the inside surroundings of the humidor. The automatic system will be update on its own if any changes will be require.

This Remington Electric Built-in automatic humidification system humidor can be a very useful and desirable humidor for any cigar shop in commercial use.

The Cigar lovers who are worried about storage for a handsome amount of cigars for a long term. This humidor gives the feeling of independence and is hassle-free.


  • Easy to use because of the automatic system and reliable for long term storage.
  • The appealing exterior is a plus with the advance electronic system and absolutely a dream of every cigar lover.
  • The electronic system helps to adjust the setting according to your choice and this is what I love most about this product.
  • An electric built-in automatic system with led light shelves! What else can be better than this? Completely worth to invest in this mind-blowing humidor.
  • I was soo much worry to store my cigar collection in high moist days and then I found this one.
  • Now I can feel free and relax as my cigars are safely store whatever the weather or temperature is there outside.

The Remington Cabinet Humidor can be purchased on our shop page by clicking here

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